Welcome to your brand new people development platform! Now that your platform is ready and waiting for you to get going, you're probably wondering how to get most easily started on the basics.

Here we have collected 5 simple steps for you to get you set up quickly.

1. Brand your platform

Branding your platform with your brand identity is key to keeping your people engaged. Keeping your employees in what looks and feels like your own company environment will keep them on track and focused on their development.

Watch this 6 min tutorial video, or read this article, to learn about setting up custom branding of your platform

2. Setting up your organisation

Now that the platform looks just like your own brand, it's time to set up your organisation. This means setting up your organisational hierarchy with departments and teams. Luckily, with eloomi, even the most complex hierarchies can be set up.

Plus, we're here to help you. This article will give you a good starting point for setting up your organisation.

3. Creating users

It goes without saying, but we'll say it anyways. Creating users is probably the most important thing to getting your people development platform up and running! The best part is that it's super simple.

To create a new user in your platform, navigate to Admin > Organisation > Create new user.

Watch this 15 min tutorial video, or read this article, to learn more about the process of creating, importing and editing users in your platform.

More info: To learn more about the available options in Admin > Organisation, we suggest this article.

4. Create and assign your first online module

This is when it starts to get really exciting. It's time to create and assign your first online module to your users. Hopefully, you've got some learning content prepared to put into your platform.

First, consider creating categories and skills to help both admins and employees, to identify relevant training.

Navigating to Admin > Learning > Modules > Create new module > Online module to build your first module. This 30 min tutorial video, provides insights into all the required and optional settings when building and assigning an online module. To complement the video we also suggest this article.

5. Check the progress and completion status of your first assigned module

Hopefully your employees have been so excited to try their first module, that you have already been asked when the next module will be available. But you're probably still wondering what the progress and completion status of your first assigned module is. Knowing how to check this will also be helpful to see when you need to report on onboarding, compliance and development.

Two reporting tools are supported through your platform:

Discover Standard Reports for a quick overview and data export, and

Discover > Insights for setting up custom reports on assigned learning.

Further questions and resources

We hope you've found these tips helpful and that they've gotten you up and running in no time! And remember, if you need a hand, we're only one click away! And did you know, eloomi offers weekly webinars to help train new platform administrators?

These webinars go for 1.5 hours and are hosted by an L&D Solution Expert. This is the best place to start learning how to use your eloomi solution.

For more info and to sign-up, go to eloomi LMS training webinars.


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