The eloomi platform can be completely white-labelled and customised to give it the look and feel of your organisation. In this article we will provide the simple steps on how to achieve just that.

By navigating to Admin > Settings > Customise Branding it is possible to change the look of your public pages by including a logo, navigation colour and login page.

Branding Colour
Selecting a colour in the Colour drop-down menu changes the background colour of the top navigation bar.

Call-To-Action Colour
When hovering the cursor above a sub-menu, the colour of the associated icon changes according to the selected colour.

Top-Navigation Text Colour
This colour picker determines the text colour in the top-navigation bar.

Adding a Company Logo
After uploading a company logo this will be the default company logo applied across the entire platform. This includes the logo on the login page, the logo displayed on certificates as well as in email templates.

Upload an image via the Logo box from a local drive and hover the cursor over 'Hover to see image' to view the current logo. The image automatically adapts to the appropriate size depending on where it is being applied on the platform, either on certificates or in emails.

Note: If a transparent background is required for the company logo, the image file must be uploaded in '.png' format.

Adding a Top-Navigation Logo
By adding or exchanging a logo here the logo in the top-left corner of the dashboard will change accordingly.

Dashboard Cover Image
Applying an image here creates a nice visual background for users when accessing the platform.

Note: The optimal size for the uploaded image is width 1600 pixels x height 500 pixels.

Dashboard Text
Adding a Dashboard Cover Text (first line) and Dashboard Text (second line) allows for a nice greeting, welcoming the user to the platform. 

Note: Font sizes are preset and cannot be edited.

Favicon Icon
Adding an icon here provides a customised icon next to the platform name in the browser tab when accessing the platform in a web browser. 

Select an image file to upload and hover the cursor over 'Hover to see image' to see the current image in use.

Adding an image to the login page
When uploading a Login Image the image becomes visible to users when navigating on the login page. Simply upload an image file from a local drive and hover the cursor over 'Hover to see image' to view the current logo.

Click Update to save the changes.

Bonus info: You can also upload a '.gif' file to make the login page look more
interactive. To learn more about images sizes in the platform, see Recommended Image Size in eloomi.

By toggling Enable Web-Application on, the platform will be available as a web-application, thus allowing users to access the platform login page via a URL shortcut on their home screen on iOS and Android devices.

Note: It is advised to set a favicon as this will be the logo of the URL shortcut. Otherwise, it will be displayed with a snippet of the dashboard.

To learn more about web-application, see eloomi as Web-App for Mobile Devices.

Note: Any changes to the customised branding of the platform will only apply to any new departments being created in the platform. Matching the updated branding in existing departments must be done by editing each department individually. 

To read more about department level branding, see Customise Branding on Department Level and the tutorial video Branding and customisation for general settings.

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