You can find all email templates in the section Admin > Settings > Mail Templates and History > Mail templates 

All email templates are turned on as default when you start working with the eloomi platform. You can review, edit or disable email templates at any time. 

Code, Description and Subject will help you identify when and how the mail templates are triggered from the platform. Under Actions you can edit the selected email template.

You can use the search field to find the email template that you would like to edit. 

We will search for the mail sent to the users when they are assigned a module with a deadline. 

In the search bar, I will type course_assigned_deadline.

By clicking the "pen icon" under Actions, you can review and edit the mail template.

See below a step-by-step guide on how to customise your email template: 

1. Click on the banner to select the one you would like to use in your email 

Bonus info: You can add your own email banner in the Admin > Settings > Mail Templates and History > Mail Banners.

 2. Change email subject, email headline and greeting message to the user. 

The First line is the email subject that users will see in their mailbox

The Second line is the headline that will be displayed below the email banner and above the greeting for the user 

3. To change the body of the email just insert the new email text. It is possible to format the text to create a nice outline of the email. 

Important: Do not change or edit the text within hashtags. This is replaced by information from other parts of the platform e.g. module title or module deadline when the mail is sent to each individual user.

4. Change the ‘Call-to-Action’ text, colour and location. 

Important: The action button "landing pages" are pre-determined in the system and will lead users to specific parts of the platform e.g. module preview, development plan, appraisals process overview etc.

5. Change footer of the email and add the signature 

6. Make sure to click 'Update' to save the changes 

You can see the preview of the email at the bottom of the page.

How to disable the email template?

If you would like to disable the email template, you have to uncheck the blue check mark on the left-side of the mail template code. 

How to edit an email template in a language other than a default platform language?
If you are using more than one language on the platform it is important to adjust the email template in all languages that are being used. You can do this by selecting the language in the top-right corner and then editing the templates as explained above.

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