To notify users that are assigned to the module or program simply navigate to Admin > Learning > Modules.

Find the relevant module and hover over the three dots that are on the right side under Actions. Icons will appear. Click on the envelope to create a notification. 

You are able to send a message to assigned users based on one of three properties:

All assigned users

All assigned users who’ve completed the module

Or All assigned users who’ve not completed the module

Select one of the above properties and add the custom message that you would like to send to users. Click Notify to send the notification. 

Your Custom text will be added to the body of the email notification with the code: learning_mail_notify. Here you can learn how to further customise that email template.

This is how the notification email will look; note the custom text marked in the email.

You can check sent notification emails in the mail history. Read more about email history here

Program notifications

You can also send a custom notification for programs by navigating to Admin > Learning > Programs and repeating the steps above.

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