You can check the mail history in the platform by navigating to Admin > Settings > Mail Templates and History > Mail History tab

In Mail History you will be able to check who received the email, what was the subject, when the emails were sent and also the status of the email (sent or not sent). 

You can search for the user or the email subject in order to verify which specific email was sent to the user.

Under Actions you can find the Preview option. When you click on that you will be able to see what the email looks like from the user's perspective. 

Emails that were not sent:

Here are three reasons why emails may not be sent: 

  1. Email template was disabled at the time the email was sent
  2. Sending emails from the platform was disabled 
  3. User is not activated and/or sending emails to inactive users is disabled

Bonus info: Learn more about general settings regarding sending emails from the platform in Email Settings

Note that there might also be a reason that is non-eloomi platform related. The main reason for users not being able to find emails from the platform in their inbox is that mails are getting blocked by local spam filter settings. If that is the case, please verify with your IT department and ask to whitelist eloomi as a secured sender. 

If an email wasn't sent, you will see this on the list of emails in the mail history. Email status will be set to NOT_SENT and under the Reason column you will get information as to why the email was not sent.

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