Email templates:

Your eloomi platform sends out different emails depending on different events. However, you can easily change both text and image to fit your company tone of voice and branding. Edit emails under Admin > Settings > Mail templates & history. The below video explains in more detail how to do this. 


As an Admin or a Manager, you can create and assign newsfeeds to users - either presented on the platform, sent as an email or sent as a text message (if that has been set up on your platform). The Newsfeed is set up from your own profile on the right-hand side, where you can choose Newsfeed. The below video explains in detail how to do this.

"How to" video:

If you want to learn about a specific topic, simply navigate to the timestamp, specified in the list below.

Mail templates & History (00:00)
Mail platform settings (03:48)
Newsfeeds (04:21)
Notifications (09:05)
Duration (10:29)

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