A program consists of multiple modules and is a great way to combine different online, onsite, and webinar modules into a powerful program to guide your employee's, department's, and team's learning paths.

To create a program, first navigate to Admin > Learning > Programs. Here you have an overview of pre-existing Programs created in the platform.

To create a new program, simply click Create new program on the right-hand side.

The top menu guides you through the steps needed to create your program.

Basic details

Start by adding a Title and an optional Description which is visible to the employee when accessing the program.

Enabling Chat allows users assigned to the specific program to communicate with each other via a dedicated chat forum through the icon on the dashboard.

The Reviewable feature generates a pop-up window, upon completion of the program, which allows the employee to provide a 1-5 star rating of the program including any additional comments they might want to add. The results are then visible to other employees when accessing the program as well as employees with admin permissions through Admin > Learning overview in the Rating column.

Sort Ordering allows you to determine the order in which the program should be displayed to employees on their learning dashboard, relative to other programs. Putting in 0 means that it will be shown first, 1 will show as second, and so forth.

Adding a Cover picture to the program is optional and you may choose to Upload image from your local drive. Alternatively, you can choose an appropriate picture from the pixabay External Gallery which offers an extensive library of stock photos.

You are now ready to add modules to the program by going to the Modules tab.


Click Add module and search in a library including all modules created within your platform. Select and include relevant modules in the program by clicking on each individual module.

Upon having selected the relevant modules you are now able to drag and drop them into the order in which they should be displayed.

Note: You can add the same module to different programs. However, remember that rules added in different programs, to the same module, might create conflicting locking and unlocking sequences when assigned employees attempt to access the module.

Once the program is assigned to users all included modules will be made available to employees, allowing them to complete the modules in the order they decide. By applying rules to one or more modules, you can help guide the employee through the desired learning path to complete the program.

To learn more about how to setup and manage rules, see Setup Program Rules.

Once you are happy with your program, finish it by clicking the green check mark button in the top-right corner.

You can now start assigning the program to employees. To learn more about this, see Assigning Courses/Modules and Programs.

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