This article will help you to know the tips and tricks and best practices for assigning a Module or a Programme.

Once a module or programme has been created, the most crucial operation is to assign users to it.

You can achieve this by hovering your cursor over the Module or Programme and clicking on the Assign "hat" from Actions.

This will open the assignment sidebar where you can see who created the module or programme.

You will also have the option to assign this module/program to Users, Departments or Teams.

You can use the search option in the assign sidebar to search for any users which might already be assigned to this Course.

Click on Assign users to find and assign new users to this Course.

You will now have the option to choose multiple users and assign them to this Course. You can also choose All users by a few simple clicks instead of manually choosing all users.

How to add a Deadline to a Course

You can only add a Deadline to a Course while assigning the module or program. Select users who should be assigned to this Course and switch on the Deadline toggle.

Simply choose the Type of Deadline and choose a Date from the Calendar.

The Deadline will appear in the form of number of days till it expires on the Module/Program cover.

How to make a Module or Programme as "Required"

Making a course as "Required" will mean that completing or not completing this course will have an impact on a users' Learning Index.

You can achieve this while assigning a Module or Programme and toggle the Required option.

The course cover will have a tag that shows this Module is "Required".

How to Notify users on Course assignment

In many cases, users need to be notified that a Course has been assigned.

You need to select the Notify users function in order for an email to be sent to the users informing them that a course has been assigned.

In case you want to assign the users to a Course but do not want them to a receive a notification you can leave this option as unchecked.

Important Symbols in the Assign sidebar

We have placed many helpful symbols in the Assignment sidebar and assign new user pop-up which give information regarding whether a user is already assigned to a course, and whether the course is assigned as required or not.

While assigning new users, if you see "Warning" against a user, it means the user is not assigned to the course. Alternatively, "Checkmark" means the user is already assigned.

In the assign sidebar, the "Checkmark" means the course has been assigned to user as "required" whereas means the course is assigned but not "required".

How to "edit" an Assignment

In case a course has already been assigned to a user, but you want to make changes, for instance add a deadline or make the course Require for a particular user - you have the option to edit an assignment.

Open the Assign sidebar and hover the cursor over a users' name to reveal Action icons to the right.

The Edit icon will allow you to set a deadline or make the course required/mandatory.

By selecting the Trash Can you can remove the assignment from a user and he/she will not be able to see it on their My Learning pages anymore.

You can repeat both the Edit and Un-assign feature for multiple users - Select multiple users and these icons will appear top of the table.

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