This article will go over the step where you can add an article when creating an online module. To read the full article on how to create a module click here.

When you create a module you have the option to add an article step. Think of an article as a blank page in a newspaper or a blog, where you are able to combine text and images to make the content more appealing and relevant for the reader.

You can add a title and optional description and if you wish to add more sections you can click on the + sign and select a layout. At any time you are able to change the order of the sections, delete sections and drag-and-drop the sections to change the order with the blue arrows.

In this screenshot you see the text editor allowing you to add, and edit both text and other elements of that section in your article.

When you are ready to add another step, in your article, click “Add step”. 

If you do not want to add any more steps you can continue to the Skills section of the module builder.

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