First navigate to Admin > Organisation, and click "Import new user".

Downloading the example file shows you all the values which could be specified for each user and what format they should be provided in. 

Here you see the user example file in which we have specified the mandatory properties (first name, last name and e-mail/username) for multiple new users. 

To ensure a successful import of users, four requirements must be fulfilled when creating your user file:

  • All data fields are case sensitive meaning even a blank space is considered a character in a field
  • The Excel file must contain only one sheet of data
  • No cells must contain formulas
  • And lastly, no filters must be applied to any of the columns in the document

Having created your user file, you are ready to upload and import the new users. First you need to locate and select your user file and click "Import users".

Next step is to match each of the properties of each column, you wish to import from your file, to the corresponding field in the platform. 

Next, you specify how this user data should be updated on the platform. Since we only have new users in the file we select "Add", choose to update the users based on their "Email" and select the import type "Create and Update users".

Final step is to click "Import users". 

Progress and any import errors are displayed below. When clicking any of the imported files, a status for each line of data from your user file will be displayed. Once the import is completed you may navigate to Admin > Organisation > Users to view the imported users.

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