In addition to Online Modules, eloomi supports blended learning with the creation of Onsite and Webinar Modules.

Online modules allow you to share event schedules, automatically manage sign up and waiting lists, and you can also make use of the option of Marking Users as Attended on Onsite/Webinar Courses and authorise rewards for confirmed participans, e.g. Upload Certificates on a User's Profile.

Create an Onsite module

Just like Online modules, Onsite modules can be created by navigating to Admin > Learning.

To create a new module click on Create new module and select Onsite.

On the module Details page, add the module details, add a category (explained in further detail in Categories and Skills) and attach files if necessary. You can also link one of your Surveys to the module, which will then be sent to users after they've been marked as attended.

Important: Text in the Description box will appear on the module's cover and is searchable, so make it count. The Extended Description could be used to convey information that is not crucial but good to know. This will appear on the module landing page.

To increase the chances of knowledge dissemination and social learning, you can enable the Chat functionality. Assigned users can ask questions and provide feedback to each other in connection to this module (i.e. it is not a global function but the chat will solely be linked to this specific module).

Navigate to the next tab, Schedule.

eloomi supports single day events and multi-day events. This gives you the flexibility to create schedules where participants can sign up for individual dates or restrict the signup process so users have to sign up for all days of the event.

Click Add schedule and fill in the fields.

If Use waiting list? is toggled off, and the Min Participants number is not met before the Closing Date, the event will automatically be cancelled and all signed up users will be notified. Furthermore, users cannot sign up after the closing date.

The waiting list will allow users to sign up even if the maximum participant number is met. They will be placed on a waiting list and if a cancellation occurs, they will be notified and can sign up on a first-come-first-served basis.

Important: It is critical to Choose Timezone in the schedule and make sure it's correct. Onsite modules send calendar invites to users, and the time of the event auto-adjusts based on the schedule's timezone.

Bonus info: Use Past Dates? allows you to create events and add dates in the past so you can migrate historical participation to your eloomi platform.

Click Add schedule to save.

Next, Edit schedule > Add schedule day > fill in Address > click Save day.

The Address supports geo-location look up. The building name and specifics could be included in the Location field.

Click Save day and repeat as necessary.

Enable Reminders and add Contacts (non-platform users) if applicable.

Review your schedule data and click Save schedule.

Bonus info: Contacts, e.g. your catering provider, can be automatically notified if the event is cancelled.

To add more schedules to an Onsite module, repeat the above-mentioned process.

Navigate to Poll

Polls can be used to collect user input, for example on dietary preferences or transportation options.

In this tab, you can also Modify signup comment or make it optional

Navigate to Skills and add skills as required. Set Advanced details and update settings if required.

Save and exit to complete the process.

Lastly, you need to assign your desired Users, Departments, or Teams. Read more about this in Assigning Courses/Modules and Programs.

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