Activating a Module for the first time

When creating a Module, it is important to click on the Save and exit blue checkmark in order to activate it and showcase it in the modules overview within Admin > Learning.

If you only Save the Module after creating it, it will not appear in the module overview.
This may of course be desired if you do not want other admins or content creators to see the module in the overview whilst still editing it.

Please note that this only needs to be done the first time a module is created. For any updates or changes made after, you can either click the Save or Save and exit button and changes will be saved.

Retrieving a module which has not been Activated

In the case that a module was created but the blue checkmark was not clicked, the module will be created and can be found by using the left-hand filter sidebar and filtering on Status > Inactive 

Simply Edit the module you wish to Activate and click on the Save and exit blue checkmark. The newly created and activated module will now be visible in the Active Module overview

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