We have made it very easy for our clients to customise their eloomi platform and use their own wording in the labels and tags. The following article explains how in three easy steps you can change the wording to make your eloomi platform your very own.

Download Custom translations file:

You can use the Custom Translations tool from Admin > Settings > Custom Translations. Simply download the excel file and follow the instructions to customise tags and labels.

Change wording:

Within the excel file, make sure that you do not change the column headers, key column or language default column.

While searching for the corresponding wording (in the key or language default column), it is important to go through all search results, find the key that corresponds with your intended change and edit that one (by deleting that specific #default# in the language current column and writing down your own preferred wording).

We support many different languages in the platform and it is also possible to use translation tools to customise labels and tags in multiple languages.

Upload file:

When finished, import the translation file back into your eloomi platform.

Best Practice:

We recommend using caution if changing commonly used platform wording like 'learning' and 'goals' because it is important to then change it in every areaof the platform, which can become quite extensive.

Remember to maintain customised words in all the languages your users are using on the platform. The download file automatically contains all the languages that have been chosen by your specific platform users.

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