By navigating to Admin > Organisation > Departments it is possible to differentiate the look of different departments, including logo and navigation colour, by customising the branding for each main and sub-department.

Subsequently, users in those departments will be greeted with a different colour scheme, branding and logo on both the login page as well as on the dashboard, depending on the customised branding settings of their respective departments.

Important! If you are looking to set up custom branding for a brand new platform, you should follow the instructions in this article.

Locate the desired department, and "edit department" by clicking the pencil icon.

Navigate to "Branding" to begin customising.

Selecting a branding colour in the colour drop-down menu changes the background colour of the top navigation bar.

The colour of the call-to-action button can be changed by selecting from the drop-down menu.

The text colour in the top navigation bar can be updated by selecting a colour from the drop-down menu.

A department-specific brand logo can be selected and uploaded to replace the company logo on the login-page

The top navigation logo, displayed on the dashboard upon log in, can also be updated.

A dashboard cover image can also be uploaded. It will be displayed below the top navigation bar and above the widgets on the dashboard.

To remove the current logo or cover image used, simply toggle-on the corresponding toggle and click "Update department".

A custom message can also be added to the cover image. Simply add a short dashboard cover text and one of the #-tags to personalise the message. The text colour may also be changed by selecting from the drop-down menu.

A Favicon, unique to the department, can also be uploaded.

The image on the login page can also be updated to match the branding of the department.

Finally, an icon for the web-application can be uploaded to give a unique experience for the users when accessing the platform from the home screen of their mobile devices.

Important! Customised branding of a department will be propagated to all sub-departments. Additionally,changing the customised branding of an individual department to the platform branding must be done manually, one department at a time.

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