A valuable feature when building your programme is the option to apply Rules, allowing you to control the learning path a user must take to complete the programme. 

Program rules can be managed by navigating to Admin > Learning > Programmes > Edit programme > Manage rules.

Let's have a look at each rule available.

Unlock on specific date
You can set a specific date when the module should unlock for users assigned to the Programme.

Unlock after X days
This rule will allow you to enter a specific number of days until the module will be unlocked for the users.

Unlock after X days completion
This rule will allow you to enter a specific date when the module will unlock after previous module is completed.

Require previous modules to be completed
Perhaps the most often applied rule, this allows you to ensure the employee follows the path created by you as an Admin. This rule will only allow users to access a module once they have completed the previous one.

Important: Do not enable this rule on first module in a programme, but the rest can have this rule applied.

Should the module(s) have a renewal time frame?
A renewal process similar to the one available when assigning individual modules could be enabled too.

Once happy with the applied rules, click Save.

Note: You can add the same module to different programmes. However, remember that rules added in different programmes to the same module might create conflicting locking and unlocking sequences when assigned employees attempt to access the module.

Modules inside a programme that have a rule applied will also show an indication of the rule on the module cover.

To learn about how to assign your programme, click here

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