Access Groups allow platform admins to give elevated permissions to a normal user, or to restrict areas of the platform for others.

Scenario 1: Using Access Groups to delegate responsibilities to admin's peers

A Department Manager might be required to edit a learning deadline for a user they manage (becoming a Learning Manager). An Access Group given to this manager will allow them access to Admin > Learning, and the ability to assign and edit learning assignments for users they manager.

Important: To complete the above set-up, the Learning Manager would need to be given access to their specific department, before or after being assigned the Access Group. You can read how about Using Access Groups to Create Content Creators or Mini Admins.

Scenario 2: Create an Access Group to disable the Points sub-menu for users

You might wish to disable the Points sub-menu tab for a number of users. This can be achieved through the following steps.

Navigate to Admin > Settings > Access Groups.

Click Create Access Group, give it a Name and add a Description.

Under User Access Permissions, enable the platform areas which should remain visible to the user and leave areas which should be disabled toggled off.

Important: If using Access Groups for scenario 1, remember to enable User Access Permissions in addition to Learning under Administration Permissions, as your Learning Manager should still retain access to standard tabs such as Learning.

Save & go to overview.

To assign the new access group to a user or department navigate to Admin > Organisation.

Locate and Edit an existing User or Department and go to the bottom of the page. Select the access group from the appropriate drop-down under Access control. Finish by clicking "Update user/department" depending on which of these you are editing.

Note: It is easier and faster to apply an Access Group in scenario 2 to entire departments if applicable. 

Bonus info:

Scenario 3: Using Access Groups to differentiate access for individuals

An Access Group disabling Points is given to a Department, yet the Department Manager is, as an individual, given a further Access Group to additionally become a Learning Manager.

In scenario 3, the Department Manager's Access Groups will merge with that on the Department. Provided Points is also disabled in the Manager's Access Group, and under Administration Permissions, Learning is toggled on, the Department Manager will simply gain access to Admin > Learning and will not see the Points tab as intended.

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