Coaching is an integral part of eloomi's soft PM (Performance Management).
Managers and Team Leaders are able to setup Coaching sessions with their team members, set up different objectives with a deadline and monitor their progress.

Dashboard Widgets:

Coaching sessions for a user are visible on their dashboard in a widget called Coaching Sessions. This can be enabled by an Admin from Admin > Settings > Dashboard Widgets. A Manager can also find his team members through the widget called My Employees and click on the Coaching icon to start a Coaching conversation with a team member.

How to create Coaching session for a user

As a Manager you are able to set-up a Coaching session for a user by following simple steps as described below:

Step 1: Find user
When you want to create a coaching session, the first step is to find a user. This can be done by searching for an employee in the global search function - placed in the upper right corner of the main navigation. You can also find an overview of your employees at Discover / People Performance

Step 2: Create new session
When you are on the employees profile page, you need to click on the Coaching link to see all open dialogues. The table Coaching sessions placed below the sub-navigation, contain all open coaching session. Closed coaching session are placed in the History log. If you want to create a new coaching session, click on the Create coaching session button.

Step 3: Choose Template
When creating a new coaching session you need to choose a coaching template from the dropdown. Choose a template and then add a title. For example: Performance dialogue #name of employee#. It is also possible to add a small description and a deadline. These inputs are optional.

Step 4: Coaching sidebar

When the new session is created the coaching sidebar will appear. The left area of the coaching sidebar contains, edit icon which means you can edit title and description of the coaching session, notify the user with an email that the new session is created and a button to cancel/approve the session. The coaching template is showed on the right and the different sections are expandable by clicking on the section row. When the manager starts to fill out information he can choose if/when this should be visible to the employee. The employee has similar options when he starts to fill out information in the coaching session.


In each coaching session it is also possible to have direct messages between the manager and the employee. When writing a message you can choose if you want to attach files or assign learning to help the user achieve their objectives. The system will create automatic notifications when you send a message.

Cancel or Approve Coaching session
To close the coaching session, you need to either cancel or approve the session. This is possible by click on the Cancel/Approve button in the coaching sidebar. From here, you can choose whether you want to inform the employee about the action and choose if you want to create a follow up session. If you wish to create a new one, you can choose which areas should be moved from the main dialogue to for example a 1-1 coaching session. 

Finally complete the action by choosing if the session you wanted to close should be marked as cancelled or approved (The coaching session will be moved to History tab after completing this action)

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