The eloomi platform allows you to Archive existing modules.

In cases where a module is no longer relevant and needs to be removed from users' Learning library, and in order to preserve reporting data, a module can be Archived.

Doing so will hide it from the Admin > Learning list and will prevent users from searching for and engaging with it. Reporting data will still be accessible in Standard Reports and Insights.

Note: Users who have yet to complete the Module, or who as in the process of completing it, will no longer be able to do so and your reports will reflect this.

To Archive, select your Module and click the icon that appears at the top of the list. To de-archive a Module, navigate to the left-hand filter menu > click Status > Archived > select your Module and de-archive using the same icon.

Bonus info: If the purpose of archiving is to Create A New Version of the Module, you could Copy.

You will then be prompted to title the new version as well as Archive the existing Module if you wish.

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