For compliance and security reasons, it may be desired that access to certain modules is restricted to users located in a specific physical location determined by their IP-address. If this applies to your organisation, the platform supports whitelisting of those IP-addresses on the module level.

Note: This is considered an advanced function in the platform and for that reason, in most use cases, it's not necessary to enable the IP whitelisting.

Create new IP whitelist

Navigate to Admin > Learning > IP whitelists and click Create.

In Details, add a name or description to help you identify the correct whitelist when connecting it to one or more modules later. In List of IP's, add each individual IP address from which any connected module can be accessed.

When finished setting up the whitelist, click Save.

Note: If required, multiple whitelists can be created.

How to connect a whitelist to a module

Navigate to Admin > Learning > Modules. Identify the relevant module and click Edit. In Advanced details, navigate to Multi-factor authentication and toggle on Should module be visible only from specific IP.

Select the relevant whitelist from the IP Whitelists drop-down menu (one selection only). If users change IP address during their progress in the assigned module, the number of seconds specified in Timeout will define how long users have to return to the whitelisted IP address before they are logged out of the module and lose their progress.

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