For a quick overview, look up the user through the Global search function to view the user profile incl. completed learning

Insights report
For a report, navigate to Discover > Insights

Add a User filter including the name of the user and click Show results:

Next, select a Learning filter based one of the four supported types of learning in the platform eg. all Online modules. Additionally, filters can be applied by making adjustments to Title, Filter based on, Type and Filter on time frame

Click Show results to show the assigned learning:

As a result, an overview of all assigned learning based on the selected filters are presented online. To customise the data displayed in the columns, click the "three dots" icon and select Manage columns. Select Export as Excel to receive the generated report incl. selected filters and columns settings via e-mail.

To learn more about how to create a report through Insights, we recommend this tutorial video and article.

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