One of the rewards that you can offer is a certificate. By awarding a certificate upon completion of a module the achievement is not only recognized by the organisation but it also provides the employee with documentation of new skills and knowledge acquired through internal training. You can administer the certificates via Admin > Settings > Certifications.

eloomi supports three types of certificates:

The Simple Certificate which allows you to display the User and Company details and changing the default Title. Custom header and custom content descriptions are visible in the preview.

The Detailed Certificate allows for more details about the completed module to be included in the certificate.

Simply enable the relevant details and change any of the default inputs to match your requirements.

You can also add a signature at the bottom of certificate. You can upload these via Admin > Settings > Signatures.

The base template including any graphics can be uploaded to the platform through the admin settings of the platform by a platform admin.

The third type of certificate is the Custom certificate which is created outside the platform as a PDF file. Subsequently, the certificate could be uploaded to the platform with a title and an optional description.

Certificate has to be toggled on and chosen in the Rewards tab in the module builder for specific modules.

Upon completion of the module, the employee receives an e-mail to which the certificate is attached as a PDF document. Acquired certificates are also available from the dashboard of each user when they log in.

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