It is important to understand how Sort Ordering works within eloomi to be able to make modules appear in the order you would like them to on the user's Learning Dashboard.

When you create or edit a module, you can enter a value for Sort Ordering at the bottom of the module's Details.

Sort Ordering Rule of thumb: a module with 0 as sort ordering will appear before a module with 1 (you can also add negative values, so a course with sort ordering of -1 will appear before a course with 0 set as sort ordering).

Deadline + Required Sort Ordering:
Assigning a course with Required + Deadline will ensure that these courses appear first (reading from the left). Second come the modules that have a deadline. Third come the modules that are required and the modules after that are structured through the Sort Ordering as explained above.

General Rule of thumb

  1. Required + Deadline
  2. Deadline
  3. Required
  4. Sort Ordering

Important: A program, assigned with identical settings to an individual module, take higher priority. As a result the program it will show before the module (reading from the left).

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