Surveys are very useful for collecting feedback and insight into your organisation. Whether you need to assess the quality of available content or your learners' educational needs, eloomi's surveys have you covered.

Surveys can be created by platform admins or users who have been assigned a custom Access Group.

In eloomi, you can create two types of surveys: a Normal survey and a Work Engagement survey.

How to create surveys in eloomi:

In the below video, you can see how to create and assign surveys in eloomi. If you want to learn about a specific topic, simply navigate to the timestamp, specified in the below list.


Surveys (00:00)
Surveys overview page (00:26)
Creating surveys (01:00)
Notifying users & editing surveys (03:20)
Cloning surveys (04:00)
Deleting surveys (04:28)
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To create a Normal Survey, navigate to Admin > Surveys.

Click Create survey to get started. You can choose between a "Normal Survey" and "Work Engagement Survey". 

The survey dashboard displays an overview of all created surveys, as well as basic details such as the deadline of each survey, participation targets, and statistics regarding engagement.

Name your survey and provide a description if relevant.

Next, navigate from Basic Details > Questions, or click Next step.

To add a question, click Add new question > Choose question type.

Similar to tests, eloomi supports three types of questions: a Rating question, Single/multiple choice, and a Free-text question.

There is no limit as to how many questions you can include in your survey, and you can mix the question types to achieve a balance between qualitative and quantitative feedback.

Click Rating question > add description > add your question > add ratings.

All questions have an intro section in which you could provide contextual information. Use of this is optional. 

For example, "Express your level of satisfaction after your onboarding period".
Highly dissatisfied
Highly satisfied

Add new question > Single/multiple choice.

For example, "Which areas of our onboarding process would you improve?"
Information quality
Information quantity
Information relevancy

Add new question > Free-text question.For example, " Please explain your choices above in detail."

Next, navigate from Questions > Advanced details.

Here, you can confirm your survey's settings. You can set a Participation Target, allow Anonymous Answers, add a Deadline and a Notification Interval based on this, and set a Contact person for survey participants.

Furthermore, you can connect your survey to a Module, or several modules. This will automatically send the survey to users who have completed connected modules.

Next click > Finish survey to return to the dashboard.

On the dashboard, you can assign your survey to users, notify those assigned, clone a survey, edit it, and see which users have yet to answer the survey.

To delete a survey, select the box to the left of it. The delete icon will appear at the top of the list. Click to delete.

How to assign a survey
You can assign the survey to individual users, departments or teams in the same way as you assign learning modules or programmes. Click here for more on this.

Note: You can also assign surveys to external users. You just need to add their Name and email. You can also import the list of external users and send the survey to them.

Read more about how to schedule assignment of a survey here.

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