Depending on your internal security protocols you might wish to choose another setting for the password security level your users have to fulfil.

In the platform under Admin > Settings > Company Details in the Password settings you can determine the password strength on a scale of 1-5. These levels are determined by integers as follows below.

Password Security Levels by integers

Scores in the password security levels (1-5) are integers from 0 to 4:

  • 0 means the password is extremely guessable (within 10^3 guesses), dictionary words like 'password' or 'mother' score a 0
  • 1 is still very guessable (guesses < 10^6), an extra character on a dictionary word can score a 1
  • 2 is somewhat guessable (guesses < 10^8), provides some protection from unthrottled online attacks
  • 3 is safely unguessable (guesses < 10^10), offers moderate protection from offline slow-hash scenario
  • 4 is very unguessable (guesses >= 10^10) and provides strong protection from offline slow-hash scenario
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