To ensure you get the best possible  experience as a platform admin or user and be able to utilise all functionalities in your platform - we recommend one of the following web browsers (in order of preference):

Google Chrome: Latest version
Stable Build: 80.0.3987

Mozilla Firefox: Latest 2 versions

  • Firefox 74.0
  • Firefox 68.6.0

Apple Safari: Latest version
Safari 13

Microsoft Edge:
Latest version
Stable Build: 80.0.361

Internet Explorer (IE):
Latest version
Stable Build: 11.0.180

Note: Latest version of IE is supported but due to the browser being almost redundant many features will not work or be extremely slow.

Important: Organisations using IE are highly recommended to use a dual browser strategy
Both Edge and the new Edge Chromium are Microsoft products and are much faster than IE.

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