If you have or are interested in acquiring LinkedIn Learning content, eloomi provides you with the possibility to include it within your learning modules.

Please reach out to your PS or CSM for more information in regards to this integration subscription.

LinkedIn Learning Settings

Proceed to your LinkedIn Learning Admin account.

Under your profile ('Me') in the right top corner, click on the sub navigation bar 'Integrate'.

1) Playback Integrations.

Navigate to 'Settings' > 'Integrate' > 'Playback integrations' > 'Configure AICC', and add the relevant domains under 'Hostname(s)'. For example: XX.eloomi.com or customURL.com.

Also disable AICC (enabling this will prevent the iFrame to display the LinkedIn Learning content).

For your convenience, the relevant LinkedIn URL for this step is:


2) API Application Provision

Proceed to 'Settings' > 'Integrate' > 'API Application Provision', and create the eloomi application by clicking on 'Add application'.

For your convenience, the relevant LinkedIn URL for this step is:


Besides adding the Application Name and Application Description, also make sure you enable 'Content' and 'Report', before clicking on 'Next'.

3) LMS Reporting APIs

Navigate to 'Settings' > 'Integrate' > 'LMS Reporting APIs' > 'Configure xAPI', and click on 'Add integration'.

For your convenience, the relevant LinkedIn URL for this step is:


Fill in the details in the modal and click on 'Enable'.

eloomi Settings

Once you have finalised the settings in your LinkedIn Learning Admin account, please navigate, within your eloomi platform, to 'Admin' > 'Settings' > 'Content Providers' > 'Create'.

Add your 'Client ID' and 'Client Secret'.

Subsequently, proceed to this link and provide the team with your company name, platform URL, Client ID, Client Secret and the text:

"Please set up the LRS Token for our LinkedIn Learning integration".

We will finalise the settings within two to three weeks.

Once you receive the confirmation, you can sync the content and all your LinkedIn Learning courses will be imported in your eloomi platform under 'Admin' > 'Learning' > 'Modules'.

The Functionality

Once you sync or resync the content, all of the LinkedIn Learning courses will be imported in your platform.

The integration allows you to compare the modules in eloomi and in LinkedIn Learning. Subsequently, you will not be able to change the module name, description, extended description and steps within the module.

The following learning properties will be reported in Standard Reports and Insights per user that is assigned to the module:

  • Completion (completed or not completed)
  • Progress (in percentage)
  • Time Spent (in seconds)

Keep in mind that if a user has gone through the whole course but not passed the test, it will show a progress of '100%' and a completion of 'not completed'.

If you have any further questions in regards to the LinkedIn Learning integration, please reach out to the team via the in-platform chat (blue icon in the right bottom corner).

We wish you a great learning experience!

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