The work engagement survey consists of similar concepts as the Gallup Q12 Employee Engagement Survey. The only type of questions that are used in this survey are ratings questions with a predefined rating scale from 1 to 7, where 1 means 'Totally disagree' and 7 - 'Totally agree'. 

To create a work engagement survey navigate to Admin > Survey, click Create Survey and select Work Engagement Survey.

if that option is not available at your platform, please reach out to our team via chat or Helpdesk to have it enabled. 

After selecting work engagement survey you will find 5 steps survey builder. 

In Basic Details, you are able to add Title and Description of the survey. Navigate to the next step and you will be able to adjust the weighting for the answers. As it is a work engagement survey, anything that is below neutral or positive answer doesn't count in this case, but it is possible to change the weighting by typing in the new values. 

In Work engagement survey you are also able to add groups of questions, eg. Motivation, Development, Management etc.
To add a group of questions simply click Add Group and type in the text. Keep adding as many groups as you need. When you are ready with the groups click Save (icon with the disc) and navigate to the next step. 

Questions in the work engagement survey should be phrased as statements, to which user can relate to by choosing the answers on the rating scale from 'Totally disagree' to 'Totally agree'. Example of 'question' could be: 'I know what is expected of me at work' or 'I receive feedback that helps me improve my performance'. 

To add the question, just type it in and select a group of questions that question is related to. Keep adding questions until content of the survey is finalised. 

Advanced details 

In advanced details you can set the participation target, it will be visible in reports. This will help you to verify if you have enough answers to make assumptions based on the results of the survey. 

You can also set a strong and weak area - it will also help you to analyse the reports and verify in which areas your employees engagement is good and which areas needs to be improved. In the reports you can see strong and weak areas marked with the red and green colour. See example of the report which shows the work engagement index for each group of questions. 

Furthermore in the advanced details, you can also set the survey to be anonymous, select the deadline and deadline notifications, contact person responsible for the survey and the module if survey should be connected to a module. 

Assigning the survey

To assign the survey navigate to survey overview (Admin > Survey). Hover over the survey name and you additional action buttons will appear. You will be able to assign, edit, clone the survey or notify users assigned to it. 

In the survey overview you can also check the statistics, like participation rate and target and how many people were invited and participated already. 

To assign the survey click on the hat icon and you will be able to assign individual users, departments, teams or even people who are not created as users on eloomi. 


To find the Work Engagement Survey results navigate to Discover > Standard reports > Work Engagement Results 

When you access the specific results of a survey by clicking on the line with the proper survey title in Work Engagement results, you will find the overview of Participation Rate, Participation Target, and number of Participants Invited, Participants Answered and Participants Not-Answered. You will also find the overall Work Engagement Index including 'strong' and 'weak' area that was set in the work engagement survey settings.

When you scroll down in the main view you will find the overall work engagement index for question groups, then for each question, an average score for each question, how the answers are distributed between specific ratings and finally the answers from users, which in this type of survey are usually anonymised.  

In the left hand filter you can select the department for which you would like to see the results or results by specific manager name.

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