eloomi's LMS platform supports SCORM content from multiple providers, including Video Arts, Micro Learn, and Skillsoft.

To ensure a smooth user experience, uninterrupted engagement, and for the content to load, individual users' browsers must be equipped with the minimum requirements.

Video Arts minimum requirements:
Browser: support is given to the latest version of the following browsers and platforms
• Firefox (Mac, Windows)
• Chrome (Mac, Windows, iOS, Android)
• Safari (Mac, iOS)
• Opera (Mac, Windows)
• Internet Explorer (Windows)

Cookies: Permitted 

Javascript: Enabled

Popup Blocking: Disabled/Exception allowed

Minimum screen resolution:
480 x 720 

• 2 Mbs minimum

Allowed domains
Web content delivered from the below URLs which must be allowed through your network:

For Skillsoft's minimum requirements can be found here.

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