We have made great improvement to the possibilities of sending emails during the appraisals process.

Use case

While creating an appraisals process, you want to create customised emails.

During each step you can choose to add a customised email and select if it should be sent to a Manager, an employee or HR. This feature is accessed when you are in the creation process of the Appraisals builder.

Setting up the customised emails

  • Edit an Appraisal process
  • Go to Progress
  • Click on a specific step
  • Create email, by clicking the email icon in the left hand side

Customise text and images

In the text editor you can create the message and additional add an image - either from your own selection or choosing from Pixabay:

Read more about all the Merge-tags available for getting the best result here

Choose the receiver:

The new functionality allows you to choose a receiver of the email. You can choose between Manager, Employee and HR.

There is an option between sending the email either when the user enters the step you chose or when the user exits the step.

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