Content Creators' access, aka 'mini-admin' access, can be given to certain users so they can create and share content, as controlled by you.

This is a multi-step process as described below:

1. Create Access Group:

You can create an Access Group from Admin > Settings > User Access Permissions. This is where you can allow content creators to have access to the Admin part of Learning 

Once the access group is created it needs to be assigned to the users who will be creating content for their departments.

Please see the below video on creating Access Groups: 

Duration (03:38)

2. Add Learning Manager

Navigate to the specific department from Admin > Organisation > Departments and click on the edit department sign. Here you will add the specific users to specific departments in order to give them the access to create and assign content. Add the user as a Department Learning Manager

Important: Platform Settings

Each eloomi platform has some important settings that you can enable or disable. These control if the content creators can only see the content they create, or if they can see all content created on the platform. You can manage these settings from Admin > Settings > Company details

The same access can also be given to Department Performance or Organisation Managers

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