User Activation Method

eloomi offers three different methods when you want to activate usersĀ 

  • Standard
  • Pre-generated password
  • Instant

This is the most commonly used activation method. When you activate a user, the eloomi platform will send out an activation email to the user and their status will be changed to Pending.

The user has to click on the link in the email and create a password for themselves in order for them to be activated.

Pre-Generated Password
Using this type of activation method, users receive an activation email as above, the only difference being that the email already has a pre-generated password. Upon login the user can access their profile settings in the top right corner of the platform to set a new password.

With the instant activation method the user will be instantly activated in the platform without an activation email being sent to the user. For the user to gain access a password has to be set for the user by a platform admin in the user profile.

Note: This means that a password set for the user by a platform admin will have to be forwarded to the user via another communication channel outside of the platform.

Important: The instant activation method has to be set as default when using SSO.
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Changing the User Activation Mode

In eloomi you can use various methods to activate a user. You can manage these settings via Admin > Settings > Company Details, and select your preferred activation type in the "Activation type" dropdown box.

Important: If you select the "Instant" option and no password has been set for the user they will not be able to log-in! You can then manually add a password to the user when editing the user or if setup SSO.

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